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Cusco, in the south central highlands of Peru, was the capital of the vast Inca empire. Today it’s a major stop on any tourist itinerary, both for its quaint cultural feel with whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets and as a … Continue reading

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Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is the largest religious festival and likely largest gathering of people on earth. This year an estimated 70 million people will come to Allahabad, in the north central part of the country, in the 2 months of … Continue reading

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Varanasi is the world’s oldest inhabited city. It’s India’s spiritual heart and a magical, surreal, fascinating experience. Hindu pilgrims come here at least once in their lifetime to bathe in the River Ganges to wash away their sins. Older people … Continue reading

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Kandy: Temple of the Tooth

Kandy is a beautiful lake city in central Sri Lanka. It was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings from 1469 to 1815. Today, Kandy is perhaps best known for the Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka’s main Buddhist … Continue reading

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Osian (Rajasthan): Temple, Village, Landscape

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Sacred Mountains of the World

Historically, many cultures have viewed mountains as sacred: Where heaven and earth meet. The axis of the world. The center of the universe. Where creation begins. The home of the gods. Therefore, it’s no surprise the majestic and awe-inspiring grandeur … Continue reading

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The Azores

The Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic, are an autonomous region of Portugal about 950 miles west of its coastline. The islands are divided into three groups: The Western group: Corvo and Flores; the Eastern group: … Continue reading

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