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Wagah Border Closing Ceremony

In the Punjab in northwestern India, every day just before sunset people fill the grandstands on both the Pakistan and India sides to watch the flag-lowering border closing ceremony. What’s interesting about this event is that it’s not just any … Continue reading

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Weddings Around the World

In celebration of June, the most popular wedding month, here is a survey of wedding traditions and customs in the different regions of the world.   U.S./CANADA/CARIBBEAN In the United States and Canada, weddings are frequently a Christian ceremony in … Continue reading

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Chawaytiri/Inka Road/Tinkay Ceremony

This week I attended a Smithsonian slide show talk and movie that Jose Barreiro, the assistant director of research, gave about his November 2010 journey on the Inka Road with the Chawaytiri, a Quechua-speaking community of weavers and herders in … Continue reading

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