Culture Quest is a Cultural Heritage blog exploring various aspects of cultures around the world such as history, religion/myth/spirituality, dance, music, food, drink, art, festivals, events, subcultures, and lifestyles. The aim of Culture Quest is to pique interest in cultural identity and cultural diversity; explore the essence of various cultures—what makes them unique and interesting, and what are their gifts—and consequently, what that means for you; and promote respect for other ways of living, thinking, and being. Culture Quest offers a snapshot of different aspects of everyday life in cultures around the world.

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I’ve been fascinated by world cultures all my life. I tried to teach myself Spanish at age 10, but that didn’t work so well. I voraciously read books on all areas of the world as a teenager. I grew up to study languages and cultures in college, and have travelled in over 70 countries exploring what is unique and essential to each culture.

Culture Quest is my ongoing exploration into the specifics and idiosyncrasies of various cultures of the world through travel, reading, research, museum exhibits, street festivals, foreign films, talks, and cultural events—timely topics and the cultural curiosities I stumble upon.

I believe an appreciation for and understanding of culture can benefit everyone—from finding new foods to eat and clothes to wear, to learning new dance styles and recipes, to understanding other viewpoints on history, politics, and art.

Here’s to your journey and learning more about our world.

Vicki Mattingly

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