Global Glance: Azerbaijan


Capital Baku
Size/Population 33,436 sq. mi./9,165,000 (2011)
Land ½ mountains; ½ lowlands, rivers, and lakes
Politics Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Economy Oil, natural gas, agriculture, tourism
Currency Manat
Languages Azerbaijani
Religion 95% Muslim (85% Shia, 15% Sunni)
Ethnic Groups 92% Azerbaijani
Interesting Facts No official religion, but largest Shia muslim community outside of Iran

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  1. Ron Parker says:

    Hey Vicky.
    Ron from Avid Traveller’s. As Ive been traveling Ive been posting a few pics and notes on my facebook. Please take a look.

    Pretty sure I wont make it to columbia this trip.

    see you.


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