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Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Rapa Nui reminds me of other island nations that I’ve visited, but with a very unique mixture of culture (Polynesian and Chilean language, culture, and food)—and a magical, spiritual weirdness all its own. It has the volcanic landscape of Iceland; … Continue reading

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Valparaiso, Chile, city of colors, hills, docks, artists, inspiration, and creation stands out in Chile, and South America, as unique. This UNESCO World Heritage Site city has a character all its own. The downtown flat plains below lead to picturesque … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile’s capital, is situated in a valley with the Andes mountains visible in the distance. The crowded hustle and bustle of downtown mixes with the peaceful settings in the many and extensive green parks throughout the city and some … Continue reading

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Some photos of the Argentinian-Chilean border of the Andes mountains in the central part of these countries…     Photos:

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Mendoza is Argentina’s wine capital. In the western part of the country, it’s centrally located in the middle of all the wineries and is an ideal base for exploring these on one of the many wine tours. Although a city … Continue reading

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Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, was founded as protection against Portuguese Colonia (which was founded as protection against Spanish Buenos Aires). This capital of about a million and a half people is both large city with business district and small city with … Continue reading

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Colonia del Sacramento, the official name of this small, picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site town in western Uruguay, was founded as a Portuguese smuggling port to counter the importance of Spanish-ruled Buenos Aires. Today, the cobblestone streets of the Barrio … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, the ubiquitous tango rules. And there is no shortage of venues to catch a performance—from the formal dinner and dance shows or classes to informal street fairs and milonga dance halls. Graffiti and street art … Continue reading

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Oman, the largest of the Gulf countries, is also the most different from the others. It has not pursued the modernization through massive building projects/skyscrapers as the other countries have, but has kept its traditional look and feel. You still … Continue reading

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United Arab Emirates, or UAE, is one country made out of seven small city-states. The capital, Abu Dhabi, is the largest by far, comprising 87% of the country, and has much more oil than the other emirates. Dubai is perhaps … Continue reading

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