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Calendars Around the World

January 2012: The beginning of the New Year on January 1st in much of the world, the beginning of the Chinese New Year today (January 23rd), and perhaps the beginning of the end (later this year), if you believe Mayan … Continue reading

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The Azores

The Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic, are an autonomous region of Portugal about 950 miles west of its coastline. The islands are divided into three groups: The Western group: Corvo and Flores; the Eastern group: … Continue reading

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Maori Poi Dance

Although mostly known in the U.S. as fire poi, which is done at outdoor festivals, poi originated with and is still performed by the indigenous Maori of New Zealand. Poi is a set of small plastic balls attached to yarn … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Castles and Churches

Two cities in northern Ethiopia are known as tourist destinations for their architectural treasures: Gondar, the “Camelot of Africa”, known for it’s castle complex, and Lalibela, known for the Christian churches carved from rock. Gondar Gondar is a city of … Continue reading

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