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Russian Tea Culture

Tea has been popular in Russia since it initially came from China by camel caravan in the 17th century. This tea arrived smokey in taste and scent from nightly campfires along the way. Nowadays, the tea preferred in Russia is … Continue reading

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Antarctica Facts

Antarctica means “opposite of Arctic” 5.4 million square miles Surrounded by the Southern Ocean 98% covered in ice (90% of the world’s ice) Coldest, driest, windiest continent with the highest elevation (a frozen desert with little precipitation), the coldest place … Continue reading

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Inuksuk, Inunnguaq, and Inuit

Inuksuk (or inukshuk) are stone structures built by Arctic peoples in North America. They have been found in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland, and have come to represent a cultural symbol for the Inuit people. The word “inuksuk” means “something that … Continue reading

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I recently saw the documentary film Pururambo (“good”) by Slovakian director Pavol Barabas about a cannibalistic tribe who live high in the trees tops in New Guinea, the largest tropical island in the world, just north of Australia. It was … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead in Latin America

Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a holiday for remembering deceased family and friends that is celebrated throughout Latin America and around the world in countries influenced by Mexican culture. Additionally, many Asian, African, and European … Continue reading

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